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The International Military History Club Legio X Fretensis (Tenth Legion Crushed in the Strait) is the first club for the reconstruction of antiquity in modern Russia. We are engaged in recreating the history of Ancient Rome at the end of the 1st century BC-the beginning of the 2nd century AD and have been operating in Russia and the CIS countries since 1991!

It is very easy to try out a new hobby - just fill out a small application, take a picture of it and contact us via social networks. You can also write directly to our manager To Anton Evseenkov (detailed contacts at the bottom of the page), he will quickly guide you where to start.

The Tenth Legion is not only legionnaires and other representatives of the Roman army. We are engaged in reconstructing all facets of life in antiquity-ordinary inhabitants of the Empire, patricians, matrons, priests, as well as enemies and allies of Rome-Germans, Celts, Greeks. Everyone will find something to their liking!

And for those who doubt, below we will tell you in more detail what our hobby is, already from the point of view of the participant, and not the viewer.

The club's activities are much larger than it might seem at first glance. The Tenth Legion is not just a community of like-minded people, but friends united by the desire to do a common grandiose thing.

The main events that the club takes part in are classic reenactment maneuvers and festivals, in which we perform both as participants and as organizers. Among them::

Periodically, even more interesting events are held. For example, how do you combine a group holiday at the sea, a historical camp and an archaeological expedition? Or a trip abroad for international festivals with visits to incredible historical sites?

Historical reconstruction can become an extremely active hobby, of course, if a person wants to do it himself. Our club constantly hosts training sessions that teach you how to wield a sword, shield, spear, bow, pilum, the basics of combat and Latin. "Scientific work" is being carried out to search for archaeological sources for the development of their own reconstruction kit, as well as independent production of clothing and household items. And if there is no time for this — it does not matter, experienced masters of their craft will always help. Reconstruction is a hobby that you can devote as much time as you want, without compromising your family and work.

In addition to fights, the club has a lot of space for creativity: antique crafts and arts are being reconstructed. Everyone can find something of their own, because antiquity is incredibly multifaceted. And it's much easier to get started than it sounds — tips and instructions will help you.

It doesn't matter where you are from — we have divisions all over Russia and even beyond its borders. The largest cities are Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Join the Tenth Legion and start your journey to antiquity!

Download application for joining the club: Application for joining. pdf The Code for review: Kodex_2021_LXF.pdf