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Ancient Greece


The Tenth Legion has long gone beyond the club that deals exclusively with Rome of the Principate era. At the moment, the earlier time period, which concerns the era before the global domination of the Romans, is also of great interest. The direction of Early Antiquity includes such diverse peoples of the Italian and Balkan peninsula as the Greeks, Macedonians, Samnites, Etruscans and, of course, the Romans of the early Republican and royal periods.

In the club, the Greek direction is engaged in both peaceful and military crafts. For those who like to kill the enemy at a distance with long spears-welcome to the ranks of harsh hoplites, and for those who know the cultural values of the Greeks-you will like a peaceful direction. The followers of Alexander the Great are not far behind in their grace of conquest and the colorful Samnites, mired in wars on the Italian peninsula. In this colorful era of the "boom" of diverse material culture, everyone can find an image to their liking!

Together with the"Quirits of Rome" direction , the club has a strong base of crafts, as well as a special project- thermopolium, dedicated to ancient cooking.

Literature on images can be found in the Ancient Greece and Samnite sections of the library .

Main reenactment images of the direction: