Make Roma Great Again
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Quirits of Rome

Гражданка Рима
Фламин Юпитера
Жительница Рима
Жрица Исиды

The military power of Rome is still admired to this day, and the battles of famous generals serve as examples of strategy and tactics. But the Empire's greatness was not limited to battlefields. The heritage of Antiquity and Ancient Rome is amazing. It has not yet been discovered or fully studied. Wishing to contribute to the understanding of the era, the members of the Tenth Legion IMIC develop the direction of civil reconstruction.

The aim of this direction is to reconstruct clothing, shoes, household items and crafts, as well as to study various aspects of the life of the Roman Empire.

The main task of every civilian in our club is painstaking study and detailed elaboration of the chosen image. The Tenth Legion has a solid base of reliable sources, but enthusiasm and independence are welcome and encouraged. After all, we are engaged not only in stylizing the costume based on the data already collected, but also in expanding the existing database and reconstructing the image as accurately as possible.

Together with the"Ancient Greece" direction , the club has a strong base of crafts, as well as a special project- thermopolia, dedicated to ancient cooking.

Do you think that you can conquer half the world with gladius , but you can save it only by eloquence and common culture?

Welcome to the civilian ranks of our "Tenth Legion"!

Also, as part of the direction there is an Antique Theater.