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Titus Flavius Alexander - Aquilifer



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Titus Flavius Alexander holds the Legion's sacred title of Aquilifer, guardian of the Eagle. He is also a senator (member of the main council of the club). The main inspirer and teacher of the Revived History circle .

"My name is Titus Flavius Alexander. I come from the province of Judea. I came from the family of a wealthy Jewish merchant who, for his cooperation and loyalty to Rome, was able to obtain the status of a citizen of the Roman Empire and pass it on to his family members by inheritance. I continued my father's work, but this time as a Roman citizen. I was lucky: at the expense of my friends and patrons in Rome, I was first able to achieve the status of a horseman and perform a series of magistracies in the cities of the empire and the surrounding area of Rome, and thanks to the intercession of my patron Pallas, I was able to become a member of the Senate under the Emperor Nero. Our work in the Senate, of course, is no longer the same as during the Republic, but we still meet in basilicas and discuss the life of Rome and the empire."