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Gaius Cosconius Placidus - Ауксиларий


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Gaius Cosconius Placidus— an unpretentious peregrine, originally from Gaul, far from the places of his service. In his family, the memory of how the great Caesar conquered the homeland of the young Gaul and killed many of his tribesmen is still strong. However, time smoothed out past grievances, and the Roman world promised many prospects for young and brave soldiers, and he adopted the Latinized name Gaius Cosconius Placidus and enlisted in the Roman army. And so the pursuit of gold and the rights of a Roman citizen led him to join the Cantabrian cohort serving in Judea. Far from home, all his prejudices seemed unimportant, and he devoted himself to fighting and looting, so that one day he would become rich and return to his homeland...