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Gaius Regtugnus E Avaricum - Ауксиларий


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Gaius Regtugnus E Avaricum is an unpretentious peregrine, originally from Gaul, far from the places of his service. In his family, there is still a strong memory that the one who is now considered an idol throughout the empire, once seized his native lands - Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar, on the way to great achievements, killed quite a few relatives of Regturgen, including those from his native village, which was carefully passed down by word of mouth from father to son through several generations.

However, as time went on, those who adapted to life more quickly became successful. Among them was Regturgen. He was wary of his father's stories, which made him deeply resentful of the Empire. Despite this, Gaul was determined to get all that was possible from Rome. In pursuit of gold and citizen's rights, Regturgen entered the service of an auxillary in the Cantabrian cohort in Judea. Far from home, all his prejudices seemed less important, and he devoted himself to fighting and looting, so that one day he would become rich and return to his homeland...