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Tesey - Гоплит


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Theseus son of Amyntas – a noble Macedonian horseman from the army of Alexander the Great. Serves in the Hetair cavalry, Amphipolian illa. Having lost a horse in the campaign, he is forced to temporarily perform on foot.

"My father, Amyntas, the son of Orestes, comes from the poor nobility of the mountainous Macedonia, the region of Orestis. Mother-Galena, daughter of Agathocles from a rich noble family of Amphipolis. When the city was annexed to Macedonia in 257 BC by King Philip II, my father, one of the officers of the Macedonian garrison, married here and built a house for himself. He taught me military training and horse riding, and at the insistence of my mother and her father, I was given an education in the Greek way. Because of this, I was not able to join the ranks of the soldiers at the age of 15, as is customary among Macedonians, and I have not yet managed to earn great fame and a high position.

When I took Thebes, I saved a boy named Timander from disgrace and slavery. He became a close friend of mine, and I took him in as a servant and groom, which every hetair should have. In doing so, I violated the king's order to enslave all the surviving Thebans. To hide my friend's origin I pass him off as an Italian by name Petronius. Over the years, he has entered a period of manhood, and now I am selecting weapons for him and using family connections to look for an opportunity to arrange for him to join the royal army."