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Boiler (Lat. cortina) - a piece of kitchen and field utensils intended for cooking food. It was actively used in cooking in all ancient states. The inner surface was sometimes treated with food coatings (for example, tinning). Boilers could be made of various metals, most often from iron and copper alloys. The boiler itself could be designed as a whole-drawn, or riveted-composite.

Many finds of boilers were made on the territory of the Celts, who actively used them for brewing. An example of a Celtic cauldron is the Lyos cauldron. The Roman subspecies of small cauldrons was also often called a situla.

Cauldron made of Lyos, bronze. Gaul. 3-1 century BC
Roman cauldron from a military camp in Chester. 1-3 century AD
Cast bronze capsule. Ex Malter Galleries, USA. 1-3 century AD

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Cauldron made of Lyos, bronze. Gaul. 3-1 century BC