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Socks are one of the most important items of clothing in antiquity. They were worn with shoes and protected the foot from calluses and cold. The most ancient finds found in Egypt were usually made of wool. Antique socks could be painted and decorated with colored patterns. There are two types of socks in shape: with a dedicated thumb and solid, more familiar to modern people. Socks were worn with all types of shoes, including sandals. This is proved by finds in Britain: remnants of wool were found in shoes.

The closest Latin word that has come down to us is "impilia" - felt stockings, soft shoes. However, there is a theory that the modern English word " socks "comes from the Latin word" soccus", which means special shoes without heels, which were used by actors. In turn, this Latin term comes from the Greek "sikchos".

Wool sock, presumably for children, Vindolanda, late 1st century A.D. early 2nd century A.D.
Socks (Egypt, 5th-3rd centuries BC), hand knitting, wool
Socks (Egypt, 5th-3rd centuries BC), hand knitting, wool


In the reconstruction, knitted wool socks will be appropriate for almost all images of the ancient era. Below is one of the possible knitting patterns.

Mating scheme
Knitted wool socks, reconstruction

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Socks from Egypt, 300 AD, British Museum, found in Antinoupolis
Socks from Egypt, 5th-3rd centuries BC), hand knitting, wool. Found in the Oxyrhynchus rhynon
Roman wool socks, 100-350 AD, British Museum