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A necklace (Latin: monile) is a women's neck ornament that has been known since ancient times. Necklaces can be made of gold, silver, and precious alloys. Necklaces were highly popular among affluent Greek and Roman women and were richly adorned with precious gemstones.

In the Latin language, there is also a mention of a synonym for the word "monile" - Latin: catella, which literally means a chain ornament.

Arianda wearing a necklace. Pompeii. Naples, National Archaeological Museum. Inv. no. 9047. 60-79 AD
A satyr embracing a maenad wearing a necklace. Pompeii. Naples, National Archaeological Museum, Inv . no. 110590. Early 1st century AD.
Portrait of a woman in a pearl necklace. Mosaic from Pompeii. Naples, National Archaeological Museum, Inv. no. 124666. Second half of the 1st century AD

There is a significant number of archaeological finds that have survived to this day. Thanks to their high value and, as a result, careful treatment, as well as being made of colored metals, many ancient specimens have reached us in excellent condition.

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Gold Roman necklace with chalcedony. British Museum, London. 1-3 century AD
Roman chalcedony necklace, reconstruction
Gold Roman necklace with carnelian. Private collection, auction "Christies". 2nd century AD.
Carnelian necklace, reconstruction