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Sica is a short sword or dagger with a strongly curved blade. In antiquity, they were most often armed with ancient Thracians, Dacians, Jews, as well as Thracian gladiators in Ancient Rome. Sika was a curved sword with a blade length of about 40-45 cm, made of copper-and iron-containing alloys.

According to the name of this weapon in Judea, the terrorist group of the 1st century AD "Sicarii"was named.

Iron sika. Found in the tomb of a Dacian warrior in Kugir. 1st century BC

These swords are mentioned in the Bible texts. Most of the museum's exhibits are found in what is now Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

The characteristic curved shape of the blade allowed you to go around the enemy's shield and hit him in the back or side. The Thracians also had a weapon similar to the sika-the two-handed romfea, distinguished mainly by its longer blade and hilt.

In addition, there are wooden sikes that were used as training weapons for Thracian gladiators, along with ruduses for all other types of gladiator swordsmen.

Wooden sika made of ash. Found in the Balkans. Length 46.5 cm. It is kept in the Haltern Museum. 1-3 century AD

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