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Cassidil (Latin cassidile) - an ancient Roman bag for things (thing-bag). It was actively used in military campaigns by legionnaires. It allegedly contained personal items and a spare set of clothes. It was made of leather to protect it from moisture or fabrics. For better protection from moisture, it was most likely treated with wax, fat or oil.

Legionnaires with cassidils. Trajan's column. Early 2nd century AD


For reconstruction, the leather version of cassidyl is preferable, as it is better processed and protects from moisture. It is rain and adverse weather conditions that pose the main danger to the items stored in it, which, for example, is especially important for a spare set of clothes (tunic/raincoat/socks). It is recommended to make several fastenings for the furka and the most reliable mechanism for tying the thing-bag at the neck.

Cassidil (thing-bag), a reconstruction made of leather. Filled up.
Cassidil (thing-bag), a reconstruction made of leather. Empty.

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