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Roman Legion - Legio XV Apollinaris

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Legio XV Apollinaris (The Fifteenth Legion of Apollo) was a Roman legion formed by Octavian Augustus during the Republic.

Date of existence: 41-40 BC, existed until the beginning of the 5th century AD.

Symbol: exact information about the legion's emblem is unknown, but most likely it was either an image of the sun god Apollo, or one of the animals dedicated to this god, for example, the griffin.

Nicknames: Apollinaris( Apollonians), Pia Fidellis (Loyal and loyal)

Battle Path

Tombstone of Plotidius Vitaly XV Apollinaris. Bad Deutsch-Altenburg Museum, Carnuntinum Museum. Austria. Around 94-120 AD.
Stele of Titus Calidius XV Apollinaris. Carnuntum. Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum. Austria. Early 2nd century AD
Stele of Quintus Fortesius of the Legion XV Apollinaris. Bad Deutsch-Altenburg Museum, Carnuntinum Museum. Austria.1-2 century AD

Tombstone of Seius from the Legion of the XV Apollinaris. Carnuntinum Museum. Austria. Around 80-125 AD.

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