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Roman Legion - Legio XXI Rapax

Багерман А.Я.

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Legio XXI Rapax The Twenty-First Swift Legion was a Roman legion formed by Octavian Augustus during the Republic.

Dates of existence: 31 BC-92 AD

Symbol: capricorn.

Nicknames: Rapax (Predator/Swift)

Battle Path

Coin XXI Rapax. Бюссель, Koninklijke Musea Voor Kunst En Geschiedenis. 1st century BC
Philip. Dedication of Officer XXI Rapax. A.D. 41-54
Tiles with the stamp of the Legion XXI Rapax from Strasbourg. Strasbourg, Rohan Palace Museum. Around 45 AD.

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Mainz (Germany), Landesmuseum. Tombstone of L. Marius from Legion XXI of Rapax. 1st century AD
Mainz (Germany), Landesmuseum. Tombstone of C. Marcius from Legion XXI of Rapax and his son. 1st century AD