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Roman Legion - Legio V Macedonica

Багерман А.Я.

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Legio V Macedonica (Fifth Macedonian Legion) — Roman Legion (Fifth Macedonian Legion) formed by Octavian Augustus.

Dates of existence: Formed in 43 BC. e. The Legion lasted until 476, later joined the army of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Symbols: Bull and Eagle.

Nicknames: Macedonica( Macedonian), Pia Constans (Loyal and Reliable) or Pia Fidelis (Pious and Devoted), Pia III Fidelis III (Thrice Pious and Devoted)

Battle Path

Coin of Septimius Severus, issued in honor of the 5th Macedonian Legion, which acted on his side during the civil war-the year of the five emperors (193)
Legion branded tile at the Legion parking lot in Potaissa
Coin of Emperor Galerius with an eagle, one of the symbols of the 5th Macedonian Legion.

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