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Roman Legion - Legio III Augusta

Багерман А.Я.

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The Legio III Augusta (Third Legion of Augustus) was a Roman legion formed in 43 BC by Consul Gaius Vibius Pansus on the orders ofOctavian Augustus.

Title: Legio III Augusta (Third Legion of August)

Dates of existence: 43 BC-beginning of the fifth century AD

Logo: winged horse Pegasus, capricorn

Nickname: Latin. Constans, Perpetua, Pia Fidelis (Constant Eternal Loyal and Faithful)

Battle Path

Ruins of Bou Njem Fort, built by soldiers of the 3rd August Legion ca. 200 AD
Leptsis Magna (museum in Libya). Monument to Gavi Macer, Inscription. Circa A.D. 19.
An inscription related to Legio III Augusta. Mdaurouche Museum, Lapidary, Algeria.

Ruins of the Legio III Augusta military base in Lambesis, Groma. Algeria. Lambesis-ruins of an ancient Roman city in modern Algeria. 260 A.D.
Tombstone of an officer of the Legio III Augusta, born in Carthage and buried in Cologne. Cologne Museum, Germany.
Tombstone of C. Geminius Celsus, legionnaire of Legio III Augusta. Leptsis Magna (museum in Libya). I-II centuries A.D.

Rules for trumpeters of Legio III Augusta. Lambesis (ruins of an ancient Roman city in modern Algeria). The find is kept in the Louvre Museums, in Paris, France. 202 A.D.

Legio III Augusta coin. Брюссель, Koninklijke musea voor kunst en geschiedenis. 1st century AD

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