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Roman Legion - Legio IX Hispana

Багерман А.Я.

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Legio IX Hispana The Ninth Spanish Legion was a military unit of the regular Roman army that existed from the first century BC to 120 AD.

Dates of existence: 65 BC The last mention of the legion dates back to 120 AD, although there are versions that part of the legion participated in later companies.

Symbol: Bull

Nickname: Hispana (Spanish)

Battle Path

The last mention of the Ninth Spanish Legion in Britain is a 108th-year inscription on a stone in York, England, museum in York.
The Eagle of Silchester is a Roman bronze figure discovered in 1866 in Silchester. Readig museum. 1-2 century AD
Seal of the Ninth Legion on clay tiles. Fortresses in Caerleon, England. 1st century AD

Versions of the Legion's disappearance and demise

Tombstone of Lucius Ducius Rufinus, Signifer of the IX Legion. A museum in Yorkshire. Early 2nd century AD

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