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Roman Legion - Legio VIII Bis Augusta

Багерман А. Я.

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Legio VIII Bis Augusta The Eighth Legion of Augustus was a Roman legion formed by Gaius Julius Caesar.

Dates of existence: 59 BC and lasted until the beginning of the 5th century AD.

Symbol: Bull

Titles: Augusta (Augusta), Bis Augusta (Twice Augusta), Pia Fidelis Constans Commoda (Eternally loyal and honest Legion of Commodus), Pia VII Fidelis VII

Battle Path

Tombstone of Gaius Valerius Crispus, legionnaire of LEGIO VIII AUGUSTA, from Wiesbaden. Saalburg Museum. Austria. Around 90 AD.
Tile with the stamp of the VIII Legion of Augustus from Strasbourg-Konigshoffen. Hamburg, Rohan's Palace. 1st-4th century AD
The altar. Hamburg, Rohan's Palace. Hamburg, Rohan's Palace. 2-3 century AD

Bas-relief with a reference to the 8th Legion. Strasbourg Museum, Rohan Palace. France. 100-150 AD
Model of the 8th Legion base in Strasbourg. Circa 200s AD Modern museum model kept in Strasbourg.
Legio VIII Augusta Eagle Coin

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