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Roman Legion - Legio X Gemina

Багерман А.Я., Евсеенков А.С.

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Legio X Gemina The Tenth Paired Legion was a Roman legion formed in 58 BC by Gaius Julius Caesar for his upcoming war in Gaul. The Tenth Paired Legion is considered one of the oldest legions of the Roman Republic, and later the Roman Empire.

Title: Legio X Gemina (The Tenth Paired Legion). Later - Equestris

Dates of existence: 58 BC-early 5th century AD

Logo: Bull

Nicknames: Equestris, Pia VI Fidelis VI, Domitiana, Antoniniana, Gordiana, Deciana, Floriana, Cariniana, Maximiniana.

Battle Path

A tile with the LXG sign. Leiden Museum, Rijksmuseum Oudheden, Netherlands. 71-103 AD
Aquilifer inscription Legio X Gemina. Nijmegen Museum, Valkhof (Netherlands). 70-110 A.D.
The head of a man with the inscription X Gemina. Roman Museum of Vienna, Austria. 114-410 A.D.

Augusta Emerita, an inscription mentioning Legio X Gemina. Museo Merida, National Museum of Roman Art, Spain. 30 BC-63 AD
An inscription mentioning Legio X Gemina. Nijmegen Museum, Valkhof (Netherlands). 71-103 AD

Tombstone of Celerinus from Legio X Gemina. Cologne City Museum, Germany. 70-103 AD

Sestertius of the Emperor Nero with the mark Legio X Gemina. I century AD

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