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Roman Legion - Legio XVI Flavia Firma

Багерман А.Я.

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The Legio XVI Flavia Firma (The Sixteenth Persistent Flavian Legion) is a Roman legion formed in 70 AD by Emperor Vespasian from former legionnaires of the Legio XVI Gallica who disgraced themselves during the Batavian revolt of 69-70 AD.

Dates of existence: 70 AD – early 5th century AD.

Logo: leo, later became pegasus.

Nickname: Flavia Firma (Persistent Flaviev), Severi (Severov), Flavia Fidelis (Flaviev Verny).

Battle Path

Rome, Roman Forum, Arch of the North, Relief west on the right, model: Capture of Ctesiphon, Fragment. Museum of Rome. 2nd century AD
Sendere Roman Bridge
North-western inscription with mention of Legio XVI Flavia Firma on the construction of a bridge over the Sendere River. 203-204 AD.

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