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Parma (Latin: parma) is a round shield in ancient Rome. Sometimes you can find the diminutive form of the word "parmula" (parmula).

With the help of parma, the ancient Roman gladiators hoplomachus and equites could defend themselves. The parma was part of the equipment of legion banner group soldiers, auxiliaries, as well as riders: parma equestris - "cavalry parma".

With the help of the parma, ancient Roman gladiators, hoplomachi, and equites could protect themselves.

Parma, reconstruction
Flag bearers with parmas. Trajan's column. Early 2nd century AD
Tombstone of Aurelius Suron, a military musician of the 3rd century. In the lower right corner, you can see Parma.
Tomb of Aurelius Mucianus, centurion of the Lancearii of the II Parthian Legion, 3rd century AD

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