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A dimacher (Latin: dimachaerus) is a rare type of ancient Roman gladiator armed with two daggers or gladiuses. The name dimachaerus literally means "with two swords", "dvoemechnik" (from the Greek διμάχαιρος). Diemacher's armor consisted of a helmet, short greaves, manikas, and body protection-hamata lorica and cardiophylax. The helmet was most likely a hybrid type I-III, had a wide brim around the perimeter and covered the face, like the helmets of other gladiators. Diemacher could be armed with various edged weapons: siks, gladiuses, pugios.

It is not known exactly what type of gladiator was Diemacher's opponent in the arena. Perhaps they were fighting among themselves or against the Scissors. The Romans considered Diemacher one of the most dangerous fighters in the arena.

Tombstone with a dimacher. Found in Turkey. Stored in the Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels. 2-3 century AD
Bas-relief. Dimacher. Hierapolis, Pamukkale. Turkey. 2-3 century AD
Bas-relief with gladiators. Found in Ephesus, Turkey. Stored in the Neues Museum, Berlin. 3rd century AD

Diemacher's equipment:

When reconstructing a fight not on a sandy arena, it is recommended to use authentic shoes, such as kaligs.

Diemacher, reconstruction

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Diemacher's fight with scissor. Hierapolis, Pamukkale. Turkey. 2-3 century AD