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Roman Legion - Legio VII Claudia Pia Fidelis

Багерман А.Я., Евсеенков А.С.

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Legio VII Claudia (Seventh Legion of Claudius)— Roman Legion formed by Julius Caesar .

Dates of existence: 58 BC Lasted until the end of the IV century AD.

Symbols: The Bull and the Lion

Nicknames: Paterna (The Oldest), Claudia (Legion of Claudius), Macedonica( Macedonian), Pia Fidelis (Loyal and Loyal)

Battle Path

An inscription from the Azrak oasis mentioning the VII Claudian Legion. Jordan. Museum. A.D. 273
Salona, tombstone of Tribonius of the VII Claudian Legion. Archaeological Museum of Split, Croatia. 6-58 A.D.
Biyachi, the tombstone of Wegnonius, a veteran of the VII Claudius Legion. Split City Museum, Archaeological Museum, Croatia. 6-58 A.D.

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Salona, tombstone of Vatinius of the VII Claudian Legion. Archaeological Museum of Split, Croatia. 6-58 A.D.