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Roman Legion - Legio XI Claudia

Багерман А.Я.

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Legio XI Claudia — Roman Legion (the Eleventh Legion of Claudius) formed by Julius Caesar.

Dates of existence: 58 BC, lasted until the 5th century AD.

Symbol: Bull, Neptune, possibly Capitol she-wolf

Titles: Claudia( Claudia), Pia Fidelis (Loyal and Loyal), Pia VI Fidelis VI (6 times loyal and loyal)

Battle Path

Preserved part of the tombstone with a reference to a veteran of the Eleventh Legion from Vicenza (Italy): "Marcus Billienus, son of Marcus, of the Tribe of Romilius, of the Eleventh Legion of Actium. Participated in a naval battle, settled in a colony, appointed decurion by decree, valiant man. " Rome, Museum of Roman Civilization. late 1st century BC-early 1st century AD
The altar of the Eleventh Legion. Vindonisa Museum. 1-2 century AD

Possibly glass phalanxes found at the site of the 11th Legion's encampment in Vindonissa. Vindonissa Museum. 1-2 century AD
Tabula ansata in the center of the tegimentum Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis from Vindonissa

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