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Roman Legion - Legio VI Ferrata

Багерман А.Я.

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The Legio VI Ferrata (Sixth Iron Legion) was a Roman legion formed during the Republic.

Date of creation: The Legion was created by Gaius Julius Caesar in 52 BC and lasted until the fourth century.

Symbols: Bull and Capitoline she-wolf with babies Romulus and Remus.

The cognomen "Ferrata" translates as iron, shackled in armor. Apparently, this nickname was given to the legion for its courage and perseverance in the battles in which it took part.

Battle Path

There are two versions of the origin of this legion.

1) The Legion was created by Gaius Julius Caesar in 52 BC.

2) The Legion was created by Basil the Great before 52 BC.

Most authors stick to the date when the legion was created by Caesar during his famous Gallic War (52-50 BC).

6th Legion Memorial Plaque
Fragment of an excavation at the site of the 6th Legion in Legio. Israel. 1st-2nd century AD

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